What is Kona Shave Ice?

Kona Ice is a one of a kind experience that serves a premium tropical shave ice; the finest icy treat on the planet. This is NOT your typical lack-luster snow cone. Our flavors are bold & delicious… like nothing you’ve ever had! Kona Ice is growing in popularity! Kona Ice is dairy-free, gluten-free and we even offer flavors that are sugar-free and dye-free!

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What Events Does Kona Shave Ice Attend?

Anything with a fundraising or fun – sports leagues, school events, festivals and fairs, school sports, birthday parties, corporate events, picnics, church events, block parties, daycares and preschools. So yes, we pretty much do it all! Each truck can easily accommodate over 500 servings per hour!

We’ll drive anywhere in the Orange County Area — Irvine, Huntington Beach, and San Clemente

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We already have a snow cone vendor/machine — How are you different?

Have you ever seen our Kona entertainment vehicle? Simply put – there is no comparison. What really sets Kona Ice apart is our patented FlavorWave®! Those top 10 flavors that YOU can apply yourself!! Or choose from over 50 custom flavors we can create for you! Our high end Bose® front and rear facing sound system pumps out the rockin’ calypso music that will have your mojo movin’.

Kona Ice is way more than shaved ice, it’s a total taste, sight and sound experience. We do all the work so you don’t have to find another volunteer to man the machine. And everyone will tell you our flavors are real flavors, not just colors on crushed ice like the “other guy”. Once you try Kona Ice, you will never rent a snow cone machine again!

Don’t be fooled by copy-cat sno-cone vendors, there is only 1 Kona Ice and only 1 Flavorwave®!

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How Does Kona Ice BC Fundraising Work?

Just tell us where to park and who to write the check to. Really – it’s that simple. Kona Ice will partner with your organization, league or school to sell Kona Ice and return a generous portion of the proceeds. We have several different fundraising programs. Kona Ice has given back more than $3,000,000 last year and we are on track to exceed that this season!

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We Already Have a Concessions Stand, Why Do We Need Kona Ice?

We generate additional revenue above what you are receiving from concessions, complementing the concessions experience for your customers and creating revenue for your organization.

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How Much Money Are We Talking About Here?

The more times Kona Ice is invited and the bigger the attendance increases your fundraising revenue. During the course of a school season or sports leagues season, it’s not unusual for us to donate thousands of dollars.

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How Do Daycare Visits Work?

Kona Ice can visit your daycare or preschool as a special treat, open houses, daycare carnivals and fun days, and for regularly scheduled visits during the warm months. Kids love to go to school on Kona Ice days which makes parents love it even more

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Is There a Lot of Setup Involved in a Kona Ice Visit?

Kona Ice is completely self-contained and can run the entire length of your event. We do not need water or electricity and we do NOT use a loud and noisy generator. Kona Ice will enhance any festival. Since we don’t require water or electric, we have no cables or cords. We are a festival organizers dream!

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